18 October 2016

Halloween "Jason" wreath...

Finally, some creativity time!  I have been so busy with family, work, school, etc. that I haven't taken the time to do what I love ... which is crafting!  My sister asked me a couple of weeks ago to make her a Jason wreath since she had seen one on Pinterest.  It took me a while but here it is.   I'm going to say that the total cost was under $12!  Most items were found at thrift stores, except for the Jason mask and ribbon.  I think it looks pretty good, maybe as good as those found on Pinterest!  Any opinions?

17 July 2016

Travel Journal 2016...

Another year ... another travel journal.  I really never get tired of creating a new travel journal.  It's on my mind all year as we are discussing where we will be traveling to.  This year we will be exploring the western United States.  I chose a good sized book measuring 7.5 by 9.5 inches.  For the sake of not a lot of cutting and measuring, I used 12x12 paper that I folded and cut to 9 inches in height.  I covered the book with wrapping paper and hand stitched the binding.  The journal is made of two signatures of six sheets for a total of 46 pages.  There are many hidden pockets and page pockets for souvenirs and journaling tags.  This journal has a lot of space for pictures and documenting all the adventures that we will have.  I used a combination of papers that I tried to color coordinate with the wrapping paper.  Instead of gluing, I sewed all the tabs and page elements and did some stapling.  On the back cover, I applied duct tape so I could hold some pens.  I didn't mean to hold so many pens, but the opening was too large so I fit whatever would not slip out.  I guess it could be a good thing.  The cover always takes the longest.  I'm not sure if it looks too busy, but I'm pleased with the results.  I love the map!  I actually took out the embossing powder for this.  I included a small video to show the inside pages.  Any thoughts?

15 June 2016

Alphabet Baby Quilt...

It's summer and I'm cleaning out the laundry room when I found my son's baby quilt.  This was made about ten years ago and has been on a shelf for the past several years.  It took me a while to complete this quilt, but I had several months.  I had seen a similar version in an old quilting book.  I loved the look of it so I made it for my baby to be.  The letters and squares are all from recycled fabric or scraps from past projects.   You cannot see it from the pictures, but I also embroidered his name on the thinner border. What do you think?  It did take a while to stencil the letters, then cut the letters and squares.  The quilting part was fairly simple  Well, I think it was worth it. 

02 April 2016

Loving the Fitbit...

Journaling my simple life has proven to be difficult!  I have not posted in months.  That being said, this is the first post for this year.  I will take the time to promote my new wearable technology:  the Fitbit.  I got this as a Christmas present from my husband and I LOVE it.  My husband got his also a week after I got mine.  A month later, all my three boys also got their own.  My husband and I both have the Fitbit Charge HR.  My boys have the Fitbit Flex.  This wearable technology has allowed us to be more conscious of our active time throughout the day.  I am not saying that it is making us move any more or any less.  But I am saying that it has made us aware of how much we move (or don't move).  So the Fitbit is not a miracle maker when it comes to exercise.  The movement is your own struggle.  The Fitbit does not lie when it comes to activity or inactivity.  One of the main advantages that I love about the Fitbit are the challenges that you can create or become a part of.  These challenges can be and are motivating within your group.  Being in a challenge (group) helps to cheer and be cheered on with your steps.  The Fitbit challenges/groups have led us to our first 5K walk, new friendships, and more creative ways to get ourselves active.

31 December 2015

Bullet Journal ... My Version

So what is a bullet journal?  I truly had never heard of it.  I was on Pinterest when I ran into this pin.  I thought the graphic was very pretty, to say the least.  I am a very goal-oriented, plan everything out kind of person so I was very intrigued.  I kept on scrolling to see the related pins when I saw the words "bullet journal."  There were so many pins on this subject.  So I went to the website that started this craze.  I am a big journaler, just look at the title of this blog.  I really believe in writing and documenting your memories, whether in words or pictures.  But it is difficult to write in journals every single day.  So when I saw this about a month ago, I started to read everything on it.  There are so many websites like this, this, this and this one.  There's many more that I looked at before beginning my own.  I especially was looking for graphics and visuals to really get the feel of how people were using their own bullet journals.  YouTube also helped.  I began mine a week into December and I do love it.  I am using it for everything from note taking to journaling what happened during the day.  These are some of my pages from my journal.  I mostly am using what others are using as ideas for my own journal, like the layouts and icons for the Key. 

13 December 2015

2015 Travel Junk Journal...

I created this junk journal in June and finally got around to filling it with pictures.  I carried this journal with me on our summer trip to Washington D.C. and New York City.  I filled it with all my words which I have blurred.  I write so much and I would be embarrassed with all my ramblings.  I have been told by professors to write with less words, but I can't.  My journal is so thick with pictures.  I created a slideshow with some of the pages.  I used an old recycled book that I covered with kraft wrapping paper that I inked and crumpled.  It is bound with black waxed thread.  I used a lot of scraps, washi tapes, and downloaded journal blocks.  I really like how it turned out.


07 November 2015

Granny square blanket...

I love the colors my middle son chose for his blanket.  It took me forever to complete this one since other projects got in the way.