14 February 2017

Why is Love important?

This week's prompt was "Why is Love Important?"  The first reaction was, "I don't have a boy/girlfriend!"  Once the description of the prompt was read, the students got busy.  I chose just a few examples, but their answers range from sweet to heartfelt to funny.  Class blogs really allow the students to share what would normally not be shared out loud.  Blog writing for me as a teacher is really important.  I've been doing class blog writing for four years now.  I can't say that it's not time consuming to read over 80 blog comments on a weekly basis, but it is worth the effort.

13 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day...

What to make for my sweet husband?  Paper flowers to sit on his desk.  They might fade, but they will last longer than the real, sweet smelling ones.  Flowers were made from light cardstock and cut with the Cricut.  They were further inked then heat embossed with clear embossing powder.  I hope he likes them!  I love him for many reasons, but most of all, for his patience!

12 February 2017

Ready for TWD...

Shirts were made for all of us!  We are ready for TWD's mid-season premiere tonight.  These are the first shirts that turned out okay using the freezer paper method.  I agree that this method is more time consuming than the HTV, but I do like the look of the paint on the shirt.  I tried this method two weeks ago and I had some bleeding due to the freezer paper not being entirely ironed on.  This time I made sure the paper was fully ironed and I am happy with the results.

11 February 2017

Why run...?

I ask myself this every time I don't want to get up at 4 AM.  Lately, it has been my husband dragging me out of bed in the mornings or in the afternoons when I don't get up in the mornings.  I don't believe that I will ever be the kind of person that truly loves running.  I do appreciate its benefits, though.  At my NOLA 10K run this past weekend, I met Dell during the race.  It's funny that she approached me, because she had been the one that I had been keeping pace with.  You see, during every run, I find someone to push me without them even knowing it.  I do my runs in intervals.  My intervals are, for the most part, short 10 second pauses, but sometimes I get distracted and they become longer.  Because of this, I have made it a habit to find someone to challenge me further.  This person was Dell.  So when she approached me and told me that I was doing this for her, I was amazed.  Me, a challenge for someone else?  That made me feel good, because trust me, I am as slow as a turtle.  So why do I run?  I run to challenge myself, to inspire others, and sometimes, just to shock those that would never believe that this body can run!  Oh yeah, I also run so I can continue to eat and drink whatever I want.  So here's to more races!  (The pictured finisher medal was for this weekend.)

31 January 2017

Running a 10K in NOLA...

My husband and I will be running a 10K this weekend.  We ran one three weeks ago in a nearby city.  There is no greater feeling completing a race that we have been training for.  It is so difficult for me to get up at 4:00 am most days in the week to run several miles when I really just want to lay in bed.  I admire people who run every single day and do it with a smile.  Well, at least, I think they're doing it with a smile, because I'm not doing with a smile!

This weekend's race will be in NOLA, and it will be our first race out of the state!  We are truly excited for this run, of course, since that's the reason why we will be there.  But are, in reality, looking forward to the music, beignets, chicory coffee, yummy food and drinks, and strolling through the lively streets of New Orleans.

Being a crafter, I decided to create some shirts and a cap just for this occasion using my new Cricut.   They were done on different days or else I probably would have matched the colors.  I think they came out pretty nice. 

02 January 2017

2017 Journal...

I bought a pre-made calendar a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday I had the chance to work on it to make it my journal for this year.  My bullet journal from last year was way too much work and I had a difficult time keeping up with it.  I'm hoping that this calendar will allow me to still continue with the same idea as a bullet journal but with ready made pages.  This journal should solve the problem of not being able to write down dates that were to occur months later.  I will continue on my search to find an efficient method to journal my daily/weekly/monthly activities this year.  Happy New Year!

23 December 2016

Christmas Crafting...

Fun and easy projects for Christmas gifts!  Of course, they're only easy once they have been designed and created!  That part takes forever.  I managed to sneak in two for myself and my honey.  I'm not done.  My husband says, "We can also make for ...."  So that means more sitting at the computer, but I'm not complaining.  I haven't had time for this fun stuff lately.  Sshhh if you see a name that you recognize.  They are gifts so don't tell or at least pretend you didn't see them.